(From Chapter 1)

What do we find out about the central character in this chapter? What do we find out about life in ancient Egypt? Who else lives with Qen? What do we find out about them? Where does Qen live? Who does the land belong to? What does his family do?


1. Literacy/History

Learning Objectives


To retrieve, select and describe information and ideas.


To make deductions from primary and secondary source material.


  • Discuss what we discover about Qen’s life in this chapter. Where does he live? What does he do? What other people are involved? What do his family eat and drink? Etc
  • Ask the children to construct a family tree for Qen with the names and relationships of his family.
  • Give the children access to good quality colour pictures of scenes from rural life in ancient Egypt from wall paintings and shabti figures. Ask the children what we can find out about life in ancient Egypt from the pictures.
  • Ask the children to draw a picture of where Qen lives with him and his family in the picture. They will need to research what his house, clothes etc would look like if they are not already sure from previous research.
(From Chapter 4)
3. PSHCE/SEAL/Speaking and Listening

Learning Objectives


To understand what motivation and perseverance are and how we can achieve them. (Links to SEAL theme ‘Going for Goals’).

Speaking and Listening

To offer reasons and evidence for their views, to listen to another speaker and respond to another person’s opinion appropriately.


  • Ask the children to name some chores at home or school, jobs they do that they really don’t like. List them on the board. Then name some that they don’t mind or quite enjoy.
  • What is the difference between the jobs you enjoy and the ones you don’t? Is it just the nature of the job or who you do it with or how you approach it?

(This little story might help. “When I was a little girl we had a wooden floor that needed polishing. We would rub the polish on then put on old socks, play some music and ‘skate’ on the floor until it was shiny. It was such fun that all my friends wanted to come round and join in when we polished the floor.”)

  • You might want to watch the video clip from the film ‘Mary Poppins’ where she sings ‘A spoonful of sugar’ and discuss “You find the fun and snap, the job’s a game”.
  • Ask the children to work in groups to choose one or more of the jobs they don’t enjoy and discuss how they could make it more fun. Each group should report back to the whole class.
  • Relate this back to Chapter 4. Why does Qen enjoy working in the quarry even though it is such hard work?

Also see SEAL materials in ‘Going for Goals’ on setting targets and breaking jobs down into stages.


SEAL Links

The above activities for this chapter could be used to make links to building skills in empathy, self awareness, managing feelings, social skills and motivation.


  • Making choices about behaviour and predicting consequence
  • Belonging to a group
  • Understanding the feelings of others
  • Knowing yourself and standing up for yourself
  • Persistence and target setting

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Juliet Desailly
Juliet Desailly